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About Us


Partnering with you to build a more sustainable Jamaica

The Jamaica Conservation Partners is a project of the C. B. Facey Foundation—the charitable arm of PanJam Investment Limited. We support entities and projects with a history of success, or with the potential to be successful at promoting the conservation of the natural environment, fostering sustainable environmental development, facilitating capacity building among environmentalists, and advancing environmental advocacy and awareness. We leverage our resources by identifying and partnering with local organizations capable of actualizing lasting positive environmental impact.

Conservation of our Natural Environment

From the destruction of our coral reefs to the destruction of our forests, the shortsightedness of human actions is a constant threat to Jamaica’s natural environment. Our team at the Jamaica Conservation Partners hopes to curb this destructive tendency by empowering groups invested in the active process of conserving our island’s most vulnerable areas.

Sustainable Environmental Development

With an island home as beautiful as ours, it is unfortunate that we fail to prioritise environmental innovations that seek to preserve this beauty for the enjoyment of future generations. It is with this in mind that the Jamaica Conservation Partners has chosen to support entities devoted to creating sustainable pro-environment technologies, practices and solutions to our most pressing environmental issues.

Capacity Building for Environmentalists

The protection of our environment takes an informed collective effort. Unfortunately, many entities with good intentions lack the resources to recruit manpower and invest in skills training necessary to effect change. Our team at the Jamaica Conservation Partners attempts to bolster these efforts by supporting the recruitment and training of effective environmentalists.

Environmental Advocacy and Awareness

Those who speak on behalf of the environment directly relates to how the environment is handled. At the Jamaica Conservation Partners we ensure that individuals and entities  passionate about advocating for environmental conservation are well supported, and have access to spaces with stakeholders from the public and private sectors. We firmly believe that advocacy and awareness play central roles in informing our collective attitude towards the environment.


To support entities and projects within Jamaica that focus on environmental conservation and sustainable environmental development.


To conserve, protect and sustain Jamaica’s natural environment.

Where we Support

All donations are managed by the board of trustees of the C.B. Facey Foundation and the Jamaica Conservation Partners.

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Friends in the United States will also receive tax-deductible benefits by making a donation through the American Friends of Jamaica website payable to the Friends of The C.B. Facey Foundation.