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Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency

The Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency (STEA) was formed in 1996 following a community meeting to discuss the environment and the importance of the Cockpit Country’s wet limestone forest. The meeting’s attendees passed a resolution calling for the establishment of an NGO in the region to address Cockpit Country conservation and promote development in the area. STEA was formally established with the objective to support the sustainable economic growth of southern Trelawny through the promotion of environmental protection and research, eco-tourism, and environmentally responsible agricultural practices.

Since then, the organization’s mission has been to:
• Increase public awareness of the value of protecting the environment through environmental protection projects that focus on the Cockpit Country.
• Encourage yam farmers to use soil conservation techniques to prevent soil erosion and the degradation of watersheds.
• Promote the development of alternative businesses and economic activities within southern Trelawny which are sustainable and environmentally friendly for the community.
• Assist the national effort towards developing and implementing a plan for environmental protection, sustainable resource use and recreational use of the Cockpit Country as a national park.


Building STEA’s capacity for Cockpit Country Conservation


In order to continue implementing the mission and mandate of the organization, STEA required capacity building support.

The project:
1. Upgraded the technological capacity of STEA so that it could network more effectively within the target area of its operations.
2. Conducted an organizational self-assessment to determine the level of progress being made by the organization and to fine-tune its mission and objectives for the next 5 years.
3. Trained the growing number of staff, volunteers and sympathizers involved in the operations of the organization.

STEA also utilized project funding to inform and educate the citizens in Buffer zone communities about the significance and importance of the Cockpit Country and the need to advocate for the protection of their landscape from strip mining. STEA also promoted the development of sustainable alternative livelihood opportunities among citizens and mapped attraction sites and unique natural features of the communities to be developed for sustainable eco and community tourism.


To learn more about The Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency, please use the following links:
Website: http://stea.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CCATJm/

Project Location: St. Elizabeth, St. James, Trelawny, St. Ann

Area of Intervention
• Environmental Advocacy and Awareness

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