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Institute of Jamaica, Natural History Museum of Jamaica

The goal of the project was to control the invasive species Dicranopteris pectinata and restore the disturbed land by replacing Dicranopteris pectinata with plant species native to the Mason River Protected Area, Game Sanctuary and Ramsar Site.

Mason River Protected Area Invasive Species Control and Habitat Restoration

2019 – 2021

The 122 acres of nature reserve currently have areas of remnant forest representing that which once was a complete area of natural forest. The disturbances to the once intact forest arose from clearings for agricultural expansion, logging and a fire which escaped to the property. Such disturbances resulted in the rapid growth and establishment of the pioneer species Dicranopteris pectinata. D. pectinata is a very invasive native fern that has been spreading for decades and has taken over approximately 20 acres of the land, out shading, growing over, out-competing and killing other vegetation. This aggressive behaviour has only served to hinder forest succession. This is a serious and important issue, as it gravely threatens the vegetation the area was designated to protect and conserve.

As such, the project served to control this fern species and in so doing would not only prevent further devastation but through restorative work with native species, the project encouraged and accelerated forest regeneration.

To learn more about the Mason River Protected Area Invasive Species Control and Habitat Restoration, please use the following links:

Website: https://nhmj-ioj.org.jm/?page_id=439

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naturalhistorymuseumofjamaica/

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